Plus Felt S. L.

C/ De la Tordera S/N

17451 Sant Feliu de Buixalleu - Girona (España)



Nowadays all companies have undertaken a commitment to guarantee the quality of their products. At Plus Felt we are proud to say that our first objective was to obtain certification according to the ISO/TS 16949 standard.

This goal was the most demanding standard among those that existed at the time the company was founded for the markets in which we wanted to aim our products.

This is what we did and in 2006, when the company had been operating for barely a year, the work carried out by all of us at Plus Felt led to us obtaining this certification, for which Plus Felt is the only manufacturer of felts in Spain that has achieved this, in addition to the ISO 9001:2002 standard.

We also know that once this commitment has been undertaken, it must be thoroughly upheld, and every day we, at Plus Felt, make an effort to do things better.

The challenge is for all of us and is certainly not easy but, thanks to Plus Felt’s human team, we manage to make progress every day towards our most important goal, i.e. achieving ongoing improvement.

The human team at Plus Felt is young, which means an unquestionable guarantee for the future.


lus Felt is developing various projects aimed at producing felts that are increasingly more beneficial to environmental protection.

It should be highlighted that more than 80% of our raw materials are recycled and are of plant origin, which means our products are also easily recyclable from the time they leave our factory.


We always propose the best solution to all the companies that trust in Plus Felt for their current and future projects.

Thanks to the technology we use to manufacture our materials, we can offer our current and future customers almost any kind of felt.


If we were to ask most people about the kind of material they think is insulating their homes or cars, we would certainly be surprised to hear that only a small number know the kind of material they are living with all day long.

Our felts are used for acoustic insulation in many car models and as construction solutions for the purpose of insulating homes, offices or, in general, all kinds of buildings from all kinds of noise.

Even though our material can not be seen, you would certainly notice if it were not fitted in your car or home.

Thanks to our ongoing innovation, we are proud to say that Plus Felt is already working on ecological insulation for the future and we will continue working every day to provide the highest levels of comfort and safety with a guarantee for environmental sustainability.