Felt with vegetable fiber base from POROFELT cotton. Exclusively composed of industrialized vegetable fibers with a minimum of 80% cotton.

The fibers are agglomerated with a thermosetting resin normally fireproofed. Obtaining a product with an elastic modulus far superior to other materials. It does not break when folded and has a high tensile strength.

This type of felt is used as a soundproofing and thermal insulation, and where a fireproof material is required, it facilitates its installation in places of high construction technical requirements demand offering a high acoustic correction factor.

It is based on recycled textile fibers that during the felt manufacture a flame retardant agent is added. The difference with mineral solutions is that in the manufacturing process of our felts, the raw material is recycled and therefore contains in itself a commitment for the sustainability of our environment. Does not cause discomfort or itching, etc.

They can be manufactured in three dimensional moulded parts, adhesive pieces (on one or both sides), with scrims (on one or both sides), and also die-cut.