Felt based on textile fibres together with thermosetting resins (with different treatments)

Felt based on clear cotton fibres.

Normally composed of clear textile fibres with at least 80% cotton.

The fibres are piled with thermosetting resin of a phenolic type, normally fireproof. The perfect material, when fireproofing is not required, is felt of a porous type.

This kind of felt is used for soundproofing and wherever fireproof material is required, in order to support any kind of constructive system to provide a high fireproof level.

It is a material of plant origin to which a soundproofing agent is added during the manufacturing process. What sets this apart from mineral solutions is that the raw material is recycled in the manufacturing process of our felts and therefore a commitment is undertaken for environmental sustainability.

It can be manufactured in fully shaped adhesive pieces (on one or both sides), with vlieseline (on one or both sides) and is also die-cast.

Weight: From 600 gr to 2500 gr/m2
Presentation: in polyethylene bundles of sheets or rolls.