Commitment to Quality

Plus Felt’s objective is to develop a quality management system based on continuous improvement, with special emphasis on the prevention of defects; to increase customer satisfaction by fulfilling their requirements. For this reason, we are ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified.

Commitment to the Environment

Plus Felt is highly committed to the environment. It should be noted that over 80% of our raw materials are recycled, ensuring that our products are easily recyclable.

Plus Felt is currently developing various projects aimed at obtaining increasingly more environmentally friendly felts.

Plus Felt has a gas incinerator where a large part of the gases we generate in the production are recycled, we use them again in the form of energy for the manufacturing of the felt.

Plus Felt’s Solutions

Thanks to the professionals who form part of the Plus Felt team, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, we propose the most sustainable solutions to our customers for their current and future projects.

Invisible Technology

Our felts are used for thermal and acoustic insulation in many car models, as well as in all types of buildings and rooms as a solution to deal with all types of noises.

They are also found in our appliances, mattresses and packages to transport fragile and/or thermal materials.

Thanks to our continuous innovation, we can say that Plus Felt is working on making insulation that is increasingly sustainable and with a higher value on the comfort index to ensure environmental conservation.